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Brighter, Smoother, Softer Skin

Microdermabrasion Facial treatment is the most affordable and effective solution to refreshing tired and dull looking skin - allowing you to acheive fantastic and incredible looking skin fast.

How does Microdermabrasion work?

This treatment gives a deep exfoliation using a diamond tip wand to gently polish the face using suction which removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood flow to the skin, improving texture and skin tone. It delivers a uniform exfoliation to all facial skin areas, without damaging the skin in any way.

How often should I get this treatment done?

You will notice a difference after just one treatment, but to achieve optimum results and keep your skin looking its very best, frequent treatments are recommended. We strongly recommend you to boook your FREE non-obligation consultation with one of our clinicians to discuss your treatment.

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  Single 3 Treatments 5 Treatments
Hands £45 £120 £216
Face £55 £145 £264
Face, Neck £65 £173 £312
Face, Neck & Chest £85 £170 £340
Back or Chest area £125 £250 £500
Combination packages are available.

Please speak to our clinic staff for further information.

Dry, lack-lustre skin? Breakouts? Acne? Treat yourself to a microdermabrasion and exoliate the dull, dead, outer surface of skin.
What does our high performance Microdermabrasion involve?

We tailor your treatment to your skin's need and would cleanse, exfoliate, steam, apply mask, microdermabrasion, extractions, peel (if suitable), hydration and protection.
Your skin is exfoliated by a combination of potent cosmetic ingredients, microdermabrasion and vacuum suction. This extract debris from your pores and collect dead skin. You will be amazed at how much is collected in the filter! To maintain the highest of standards, the tips are sterilised between clients and a fresh filter is always used. We begin with cleansing to gently remove any makeup. We then prepare your skin with a granular exfoliant. An AHA/BHA pre-treatment is applied to further loosen any dead skin cells and clogged pores. Your Nurse will then thoroughly apply a diamond tip microdermabrasion to your skin for 15-20 minutes. If your skin is clogged, your experienced Nurse will then perform extractions to clear and improve your skin. After careful assessment your Nurse will apply a customised peel to further enhance your treatment results. An advanced hydrating solution will then be carefully applied to your skin with a soothing lymphatic eye massage to help drain toxins and leave you feeling refreshed. Finally your skin is sun-protected with Heliocare SPF 50+ to leave your skin looking and feeling silky smooth without residue.

Book your FREE skin consultation today for more information about our High Performance Microdermabrasion.

Pre and Post Care

  • How can I prepare?

    There is no preparation needed for microdermabrasion. However, if you have taken the acne drug Accutane or other acne medication, avoid microdermabrasion for six months after ceasing use.

  • What should I do post-treatment?

    Our staff will recommend skin care products to reinforce the treatment’s effectiveness and to continue to improve your skin.



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